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ADOS Lite Major Features List

A fully integrated system

  • Auto, Manual, Hover, And "X"  traffic exchange (use any combonation or all)
    • All surf systems have sellable 'sponsor pages', which show up at the start of each session
    • All systems have optional "bookmark this site" link
    • Manual surf has optional "trivia" system, with questions about the page from the advertiser
  • All of these systems are already integrated... you don't need to hire a programmer to hook them all together

Automated payment processing

We now support 5+ payment processors!
Pay Pal, Payza, And eGold are fully automated.

Money Bookers, Google Checkout, Solid Trust Pay and Revolution Money Exchange require manual processing of the purchase.

Your members can buy upgrades, credits, even downline members, and get instant gratification

We  offer a cash commission system built right into the purchase processor

More processors, and more automated processors will be added as needed or applicable.

Things your members can purchase from you:

  • We now allow you to add or remove products and membership levels to the system
  • Multiple membership levels, which can be priced as you see fit
    • Membership levels can have different prices for 'subscription' versus 1-month purchase
    • Give better (faster) surf timers for upgraded members
    • Give better (more) credits for upgraded members' surfing
    • Change the monthly surf requirement
    • If you offer credit-buyback, each membership level can have a different threshold
  • Credits, with volume-discounting optinos
  • Members can 'hire' other members into their downline
  • Ad space in your weekly newsletter

Owner advantage: Internal Users

  • Have a lot to promote? Don't put all those ads on one user account
  • The system can generate internal accounts based off the number of signups that you preset.
  • Low maintenance: Internal Users never run out of credits, and promote what YOU want

Main display

  • 6 text segments, and 6 "quote boxes" can say whatever you'd like... make your site unique
  • Customizable 'edge' can be on left, on right, or hidden from view
  • 5 text segments you can configure, plus 10 pre-built display options to fill up your edge
  • Automatically generated 'live stats' box can be put in edge, to show your members and surfing to new visitors
  • Top of display can follow menu, or display your banner, or use an oversized image... as you see fit
  • Site width can be controlled between 640 and 1024 pixels wide (740-850 recommended)
  • There's even a "private rotator" to show different images and links in the upper-right corner. If you don't have offers you want up there, some of your members will probably pay to use the space.

Surf options

  • Non-Click + Manual + Hover + "X"
  • 2-frame standard surfing, or add a third frame on a separate timer for paid ads.
  • Third frame is now programmable, with a separate timer for up to 10 display items
  • Timer frame can be on top or bottom: your choice
  • All colors on the surf frames are under your control
  • Built-in reporting system keeps complaints in an easy-to-manage database

What you can offer your members

  • Automatic 'top surfer' bonus can award a percentage of credits to the top-25 surfers each week
  • Members can email their downline, and the downline members can opt-out if they wish
  • Surf-bonus available for members who allow email from their upline
  • Members can send credits to downline members without your intervention
  • Members can opt out of AD One Ten if they wish... it's built right in
  • Provide some credits every month on the anniversary of their joining

Keeping the users active

  • We give you several ways to automatically 'give out' credits (see automated offers, below)
  • Need more surfing, or more referrals? See the contest section, below
  • Concerned that members will not surf? We offer 'min surfing' in two flavors:
    1. You can specify a minimum number of pages a member must surf after they join, before getting their signup bonus.
    2. You can also specify a minimum number of pages a surfer must surf every so-many days (such as per week or month)

Automated offers system

  • Give credits for clicking on a link, to get members to check out something specific
  • Login reward system can automatically award random (or fixed) credit amounts for logging in once a day
  • Surf Prize Page credits members who click a link on a page they see when surfing
  • User even gets a 'my offers' page to see if they've missed any offers that are still available

Online contests

  • Need your users to get more involved? Make them compete!
  • ADOS has automated surf and referral contests... click a few links, and they're off to the races
  • Leader board is auto-generated and auto-maintained in the news section
  • All you do is offer the prizes, and award the winners

Easily editable site sections

  • Want to put up a reciprocal link without writing html? What about a quick news bulletin, or a user compliment?
  • 4 pages on site are completely database driven... enter your information, and it appears on the appropriate page
  • In the case of 'news', it drops off the list after 2 weeks, so you don't have to keep after it
  • Want your members to know something? Put it right on the 'login approved' screen without programming.
  • You can now add FAQ's to the main FAQ page through this same system.

Paid Surfing Options

  • ADOS has an optional setting to offer to buy back excess credits from members
  •  ADOS offers cash commissions on referral's purchases
    • You decide how many levels, based on the membership level
    • You control the percentage at each junction
    • You determine which items are eligible for commission
  • We have an additional surf-track for 'no lose paid to surf' Even free members can make some spare change, and you do not lose money in this setup 

    Banner Linking: Only with an ADOS system

    Intro: Almost all traffic exchanges show a banner or some text ads to the right of the surf timer.

    There is also typically no relationship between the page being shown, and the banner in the surf timer area. What can happen is that the banner 'dilutes' the message of the site being shown.

    Imagine the impact of seeing your competitor's banner while your site is showing... not a productive message.

    ADOS allows you to 'link' a banner to your site, so that whenever your site shows, your selected banner shows along with it.

    Below is an example of how any user can link a banner to a particular site:

    Way-Stations (blocks of ads): Only with an ADOS system

    Intro: One of the problems with most traffic exchanges is that you must put your whole story in one web-page.

    ADOS has come up with a concept we called "way-stations" (A block of ads, but you can change the name during customization).

    This is often called the "postcard" approach, since if you put more information than would fit on a postcard, the surfer may not read it. Most businesses need more than one or two sentences to describe their unique value propositions, but in traditional random-page advertising, you're stuck.

    A way-station allows you to show more than one page (up to 8 web pages), in a specific order to your audience.

    Without Way Stations, a surfer might see: With a Way Station, a surfer would see:
    A site from user 1
    Your third page
    A site from user 3
    Another site from user 1
    Your first page
    A site from user 3
    Another site from user 1
    Your second page
    A site from user 3
    A site from user 1
    Your first page
    Your second page
    Your third page

    A site from user 3
    Another site from user 1
    Your first page
    Your second page
    Your third page

    So, a way-station lets you show your pages, a little more often, and always together, in order. Think of the marketing value of that. As the exchange owner, you can have as many as you want. Your member/customers, however, must upgrade to get even one way station.

    This is part of how ADOS tries to help you bring people into the upgrading/purchasing cycle on your exchange.

    Multiple Surf Frame Options

    Intro: An effective way to get your site generating money early on is to use a pay-to-show banner, or charge advertisers for ad-space.

    The "tri-frame" surf browser allows you to do that in a unique way: The extra frame at the top runs on a separate timer, so it runs completely separate from the surfing process.

    You can also put the timer on the top of the page, and the optional extra frame at the bottom.

    Switching between these layouts is quick and easy.

    Run ads when you have them, and show more of your customer sites, when you don't have ads!

    2-frames for standard surfing 3-frames for extra ad space

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