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How to earn money by promoting AD One Source Direct Sales: What this is really worth to you, the affiliate:

Our goal is to provide a profitable, easy-to-understand system for people who wish to promote our products.

Note: This system has been simplified, because of member comments that 'progressive sale counts' didn't make a lot of sense.

  • There are 2 earnings levels: affiliate (anyone) and client (someone who has purchased a license of AD One Source).
  • At the start, affiliates earn 5% of all direct-referred sales, and clients earn 15%. under 350 MSRP
  • If you sell more than 2 packages in one month, your commission, starting on the third package, goes up 5%
  • If you sell more than 7 packages in one month, your commission, starting on the eighth package, goes up another 5%
  • Payments will show up in your 'local cash' account when payment is received from the customer. The return window is 14 days after a full-price purchase, or 30 days after the last payment in a financed-purchase. Once that window has closed, you can request a payout from your local cash system.

So, let's talk numbers

Here is our new (April, 2013) fee table.

  You Sell   Straight-Affiliate   Customer-Affilate
1 @ 350 52.50 87.50
2 @ 350 ) 52.50
a third copy @ 350 70.00 105.00
4th - 7th @350
an eighth copy @ 350 75 122.50
9th @ 350 87.50

Note all sales are for direct referrals only, and will vary based on coupons and discounts.

Additional packages: 5 new products in January

We are finally ready to put out several 'cut down' products, all under the AD One Source brand name.

All are limited-function versions of AD One Source, and will be sellable through this site.

  • ADOS-Banners: A stand-alone banner only system (MSRP $150.00)
  • ADOS-TextAds: A stand-alone text-ad exchange system (MSRP $150.00)
  • ADOS-Surf: Surfing and Banners only (MSRP $250.00)
  • ADOS-Twister: A rotator system. Stand alone $200.00. AD One Source add-on $100.00
  • ADOS-DLB: Downline Builder with text ad exchange. Stand alone ($200). ADOS add-on ($100)
As a AD One Source Affiliate, you will be able to promote these all, and up-sell your existing customers, or get your 'foot in the door' with lower-priced things for new customers.

Customers for life: You won't miss out on late sales, here.

If someone buys another product or package, once they're your referral, they remain your referral.

See how this can work? .

It's easy to do, and there's no cost to get started.  Why not sign up and get your referral codes today?

Important Reminder about volume-buyers

Volume buyers can receive a discount for purchasing several copies at one time.
  • A volume buyer purchasing 3-5 copies get 10% off the base price for licenses.
  • A volume buyer purchasing 6 or more copies pays only 20% per license

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