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ADOS Automotive Lite 

Our Automotive Solution is rock solid.
ADOS Automotive Site
While you may be happy or more likely unhappy with your current dealer site. ADOS designed to turn the average dealership in to a marketing machine.
We built the concept with the idea there has got to be a better way. Others claim to be customizable but we are and can prove it. 

ADOS Auto Sites offer:

  • Full content management system
    Blog with RSS feed
    New and used vehicle inventory display
    News page
    Add pages on the fly.
    Select specials to rotate throughout the site.
    Source tracking - use referral id to know where and who is sending traffic.
    Parts bin - Parts department can add thousands of parts with photos for sale.
    Splash page builder
    Ad Page builder
    Themed sites for seasons and sales events.
    Customizable - including menu, pages, and message.

    New features added more often than any other system.

The ADOS Lite Package offers:

The power of classifieds

This is one of the most powerful tools we add to the package. Imagine having hundreds of traceable clicks to your website per week. We follow the guidelines of all the major classified networks. The difference is we know the elements buyers are looking for and how to display it for them. 
Approximately 250 ads.per month

The power of Importing and Exporting
Places Like Autotrader and are a snap. Exporting to as many website as you need or want with out charging dealers more for a connection.

The power of banner ads
This is where we use our network of  websites and affiliates to display your banners in an interactive way. The traffic is filtered to your website. 2 ads per account

The power of Social networking
Places like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and can drive potential buyers to your dealership daily. When looking at the results of a great marketing plan, this will have social networking in place. Due to the sheer volume and exposure business will enjoy and reap the benefits for just being there.

Why do you need AD One Source?

We give you the power of all this and more in one Place.

Are you ready to get your dealership moving in the right direction?
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Now $1750

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