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ADOS "X" The new way to surf!

The history of X TIMER and X surf.

In early October 2010 James Dias (the owner of and Norm Duffy (the owner of The Traffic Laundry) were having a chat about auto vs manual exchanges and how some of the "Gurus" taught, and practiced, power surfing of manual exchanges as the only way to get results from traffic exchanges.

They discussed the original idea of the start page exchange when it was first started where a webmaster would view the website of another webmaster and they would share ideas as to how to improve each others pages.

They talked about the difference/similarities of power surfing the manual exchanges vs the auto surf traffic exchanges and what the real purpose and results were.

The industry as a whole has moved away from the emphases on results and page quality to a philosophy of simply "how many hits can you generate in the shortest amount of time?".

One thing let to another and as a result of feeding each others brain they jointly came up with the idea that members should be rewarded if they stopped and read a page rather than power surfing away as soon as the timer got to zero. 

James & Norm wanted the timer modified so that the longer someone viewed the page the more credits they earned.

Obviously there needed to be a limit on this and there also needed to be a minimum time.

The timer also needed to be configurable by the exchange admin.

The exchange admin needed to be able to set a minimum time that page viewed to get a credit. It also needed to be configurable so that different timer ratios could be set for different membership levels.

Just for an example, a setting could be that the first 15 seconds earns 0.5 credits.
Then set the number of cycles, the cycle time, and the credits earned.
So to keep it simple for now, say 4 cycles of 15 seconds each, with each 15 seconds being worth 0.5 credits.

If you watched a page for 15 seconds and decided that it was garbage, or you had seen it 1,000 times before, you would click after the first 15 seconds and collect your 0.5 credits. However if you liked the site, wanted to read the page, and stayed there for the full 75 seconds (15 sec + 4 cycles of 15) then you would collect 2.5 credits, each cycle being worth 0.5 credits.

As mentioned above the admin chooses the maximum number and the time of the cycles.

Admin may change the number of cycles and the length of the cycles. Possibly making the first cycle 10 seconds and the other 4 cycles 20 seconds.

Each admin and each membership level can be set as best matches the exchange.

The cost to the user to display a site on the X  is a fixed amount and is generally set close to a 1:1 ratio but obviously the ratio can be also be varied by membership level.

Let us say for the moment it is set at 3 credits. This means it would NOT be in the interest of the member to submit junk sites or splash-page-only sites to the X . They should submit their top quality sites to the X  as they want to keep the other members interested for the complete 75 seconds or hopefully even longer. The aim is to get people slowing down and getting rewarded for real page views but giving them the option to skip the repeated or junk sites.

Now avaiable on:

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