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James Dias

James Dias is the marketer and has been in sales for the last 13 years.
Started selling when he was hired at the Good Guys a west coast only consumer electronics chain. James left the electronics world to move to Automotive sales Like a fish to water James excelled Auto sales. The internet department and selling cars online is what gave James the first taste in internet marketing. and the Bay Area News Group, Yahoo recruited James from the automotive sales world. James accelerated as an Account Executive for the Online services for the 3 companies. James was also on the front line of Yahoo’s launch of Behavioral Targeting.

While .coms are nothing new to James. James decided to jump in to the world of Traffic exchanges. A whole different world of online marketing. Ablaze With Traffic became his first Small business in March of 2008.

James can be reached at (US) 510-830-7213. In California, USA  PST
James is available through Skype, under the user id of ablazewithtraffic.
To contact James directly, you can send email to

Ablaze With traffic
2650 McMorrow Rd.
San Pablo, CA





Rich Parker

Rich Parker has been a software developer since 1981, with a primary emphasis on interconnecting systems (connecting computers together), and a secondary emphasis on structured data systems.  He has developed commercial software in over 35 programming languages and 4 human languages (five if you count "geek").  His software has been developed for various firms, and has been run in 16 of the world's time zones.

In an emergency, Rich can be reached at (US) 412-5678-344.  Please keep in mind that he lives in EST (GMT-5), and does have to sleep sometime.

Also, Rich is available through Skype, under the user id of varisearch.

Last, to contact Rich directly, you can send email to

VariSearch LLC

VariSearch is a small business filed as a fictitious name in the State of Florida, in the United States of America.  It is fully held and owned by Rich Parker, who relocated the company and incorporated it in 2008. 

This started as a side-experiment in late 2003, and started the VariSearch directory in February, 2004.  VariSearch is primarily focused on "helping businesses get seen on the internet", and will be producing a new kind of search engine over the next few quarters. 

To fund the research and development of that search engine, VariSearch is building up several traffic-related businesses, including VS-TrEx, VS-TEN, and a few other sites, yet to be officially announced.

We have since relocated to Pennsylvania, and filed as a Limited Liability Corporation (Varisearch LLC).

Our principal place of business is:

405 Antonelli Drive
McKeesport, Pennsylvania, USA 15135

If you need to report abuse or spam, send an email to, and we'll do what we can to help.

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